Dip Switch Remotes and the XT4 Rolling code transmitters

ODC/ Safety Beams

odc safety beams


The unique design of the FAAC safety beams are ideal in any application its unique self- aligning wall photocells and the wireless beams make them the ideal choice for gate safety.


ODC/ Safety Light

odc safety light


These units are ideal safety indication, which are activated when the gate is in operation and forms part of the Health And Safety requirements in most applications.

ODC/ Access Controls

odc access controls


The ODC range of access controls incorporate the stand alone proximity readers and fobs with complete range of push button stainless steel key pads with aluminate keys for night time operation and auxiliary two position key switch for simple open and close operation.

ODC/ ELSEMA Remote Controls

odc elsema remote controls


ELSEMA is a renowned name for wireless technology its various products offer the long distance range of transmitters to the wireless key ring and the dip switch style remotes and receiver boards.


ODC/ ATA Secure Code Remote Controls

odc ata secure code remote controls


Secura code transmitters with its code hopping technology, this ensures that with such odds only your transmitter will ever open your gate and once a code is used it cannot be re used by code grabbing devices for unauthorised entry.

ODC/ FAAC Remotes

odc faac remote controls


Dip Switch Remotes and the XT4 Rolling code transmitters are designed for simple trouble free operation the sleek design will compliment any application for reliable gate operation.